Tuesday, May 19, 2015

:: Our Story & Celebrating 13 years of Marriage ::

So, the story goes ...

It all started in 1997 when I fell in love with this boy in Ag class.
He was ornery, rebellious and the only one my Dad actually had a "talking to" before we went out on our first date. But, he was and still is the most compassionate & caring man I've ever met. We were inseparable from that moment on.
After High School we had big plans; get married, build a log cabin and fill it with lots of babies. (Okay, so I had plans to fill it with at least 4-6 babies but he said 1. We compromised and stopped at 3! Phew! LOL!)
In May of 2001 we were driving down backroads and came across a house with a barn that was for sale. I remember saying "Oh, it's so cute! I love it!" It was small but it was just what we were looking for.
After what seemed to be the longest process ever; on July 17, 2001 we bought our first home & the 85 acres it sat on. Thanks to a whole lot of help & sweat from family & friends we made it HOME.
On May 18, 2002 we were married & welcomed baby number 1 that September.
 While things didn't happen the exact way or in the exact order we had "dreamed"; I wouldn't have it any other way! We now have 3 amazing kids and I'm proud to say I am married to my best friend.
Yesterday we celebrated 13 years of marriage & over 18 years together. We didn't buy each other gifts, but we did spend the entire day together building fence & working on a little play area for the kids down at our campground.
The little playhouse Aaron built when the boys were little and it's been sitting up by the house where no one really played in it anymore. It's perfect in it's new home at the campground.
I also insisted we needed a sandbox for them to play in since the one up by our house gets used SO much! After some contemplating on how to make one (and keep it free) it dawned on me :: a tractor tire! My grandparents had one that we played in for years. A quick call to a friend and we now have a sandbox! Score! 
And last but not least, a swing. The kids all voted on a simple rope swing with a knot. Perfect & easy!  A call to another friend (whom my hubby likes to give a hard time to for keeping things; but who also within minutes came through on the rope!) For real, friends are the best & our kids as well as theirs are going to have SO much fun on all of this when we camp! I can't wait for this weekend!
Once the boys got home from school we started on the fence building. Yet another project I asked to get started and Aaron is making happen. He's pretty amazing.
We got the fence posts finished and ready to stretch the wire. 
It was a beautiful, productive day & I'm thankful for every moment.

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