Sunday, August 30, 2015

:: Capturing Young Amazing Love ::

The end of August not only brings back to school & cooler weather (well this week at least), but it also means the busiest time of year for my photography business, & the start of the Fall wedding season!
Each wedding day I have the honor of capturing is unique and filled with LOVE. Young amazing fresh love. The Bride & Groom although most often nervous about their "Big Day" are beaming with excitement of starting their lives together.
I'll admit there has been many weddings when I've had tears in my eyes as the grandpa kisses his granddaughters cheek or as the dad gives the most amazing speech about his daughter at the reception.
But what gets me every time is the dancing.
The first dance, the daddy-daughter dance, the mother-son dance; and then there is the anniversary dance.
The dance floor starts packed full with couples young and old. Some are just starting their adventure together while others have conquered the many years of ups & downs and have never gave up on one another; have fought for one another, have been each others best friend for years and decades. My heart overflows with happiness. Someday Aaron and I will "win" that anniversary dance. Someday we will be the ones to answer the question of "how many years?" and we will be the ones to give the bride & groom a bit of advice. 
I love you through thick & thin. Only 47 more years until we make it to that 60th anniversary honey! We got this! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

:: Back To School Session with our Littles | Or not so Littles ... Sigh ::

Before the morning rush of the First Day of School, try a quick evening session with the kids in some of their new school clothes! We will still be doing a few "before the bus comes" shots come Monday but I loved the chance to get them all three together; especially since our oldest will be riding an earlier bus this year. 

:: Bee Adventure # (Oh, who's counting) | Retrieving Bees from an Old Log ::

It's been an adventureous & educating month in the bee area of my life that's for sure! A few days ago a friend and I had the opportunity to retrieve a small hive of bees from a log that a tree company had delivered to a local business. After chainsawing a section of the tree out we loaded it in my truck and brought it to my house where we could work on getting it open. This was quite the process! We carefully cut the comb from the log and used rubberbands to hold them into the hive frames. (I can't believe I didn't get a photo of them. I will do that asap!) We were not able to visually see the queen so we left the log, the hive box, and my truck which was covered in bees alone for the night. Well all except my husband who decided to go out there after dark to show a friend the log and got stung! The man who is so afraid of bees and was allergic to them when he was little. Well, he said it hurt like hell but no swelling. The good news : he has hopefully "outgrown" his allergy over the years & the even better news : He can stop being a wuss around them and start helping me. Yay, he says that's NOTgoing to happen. LOL!