Monday, April 18, 2016

:: A Weekend Recap | Spring Cleaning ::

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend with temps in the low 80s!

Beautiful weather meant my work schedule was also jam packed. I put nearly 250 miles on my truck and captured over 2700 photos! The fact that I get to capture so many amazing moments for people makes me so incredibly happy. ( Watch for session updates on my Megan Klauer Photography FaceBook page!)

Aaron and the kids have been working like crazy around here as well!
Last week they built decking for the new dog kennel.
That makes for one happy Recon puppy.
Side note: because we get asked a lot; he is a Deutsch Drathaar. A German breed hunting dog. I think Aaron was drawn to them because of the beard. LOL!

They moved barns, tore out some fencing, and created a new area for the meat chickens that will be arriving soon. For now, Clyde is loving that as his new enclosure.

It seems like we do a lot of revamping and moving every year. We've got some big plans (dreams) and just do a few things as we can afford it and have time to do it.
We decided we wanted to remove the chain link fencing that was around the chicken coop (I've never been a huge fan of the way it looks). This will give us a bit more yard as well.

Much nicer!

We also have plans to tear down the little shed with siding. It's been falling apart for awhile now and it's time to go.

It will be replaced with this little shed that we had been using out in the pasture. It needs a bit of repair, but it's going to work just nicely as a garden shed. I'm thinking a coat of white paint with help spruce it up.
Pistal and her babies, Johnny & June are doing great and will be let out to run in the pasture as soon as we get some fence fixed and a few other things rearranged. 
The apple, peach, tulip trees, and strawberries are all in bloom and the rhubarb is growing like crazy.
Spring, finally!
Tom the turkey struts around like he owns the place. Poor fella, we won't tell him his fan is a bit shabby looking yet.
The pigs are growing and growing. They are so funny and Ella just loves them!

The cows were moved to the larger pasture; a little corn and then walked right along.
We also welcomed a new steer to the farm yesterday named; Mikey. He decided to do his best to allude my camera; but I won't let him for long, I promise. ;)
And last but not least, we had only one successful turkey hatching. His name is Edgar. I'm not sure why that name came to me but he just looks like an Edgar. He currently resides in a brooder box in our kitchen and Ella loves to sneak him out of there as often as she can get away with.
Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

:: Designing Digitally for Bella Blvd ::

It's introduction week over at Bella Blvd and I am thrilled to be back with them once again; this time as a digital designer! 

Head on over to the blog today to learn a bit about both myself and fellow designer Stephanie Buice

We are getting closer and closer to Spring here in the midwest & I couldn't wait to highlight that in my first layout. A photo of one of my honey bees was perfect to use with the adorable bee elements in the Sweet Sweet Spring collection. I combined them with the beautiful watercolor inspired IF She Blooms elements. I really wanted to utilize the layers in photoshop to create a collage type design. I love that the digital world allows me to change things like the opacity of the elements and mix in colors to further customize the layout. I can't wait to share my designs with you all as I further explore the world of digital scrapbooking!

Supply List Format:
Collection Name: Sweet Sweet Spring
( borders & daily details, embellishments)
Collection Name: IF She Blooms (borders & daily details, embellishments, abcs & 123s)

Chipboard Scripts : Hello

Find all of the new Bella Blvd digital products HERE!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

:: Take Me Back Tuesday | circa 2010 ::

"Take Me Back Tuesday". Yes, I totally just made that up; but I came across these photos a few weeks back and wanted to take the opportunity to reminisce about our lives back then.  It was July of 2010. Wow! How fast has those six years flown! Chase was going on 6 years old and was sporting his summer staple haircut : the mohawk. The grass was green and needed mowed. Ella was a tiny 4 month old & Coe nearly 8 years. The flowers were in bloom and the pasture grass growing tall. The mulberry tree that once grew in our backyard was full of purple skin staining berries; and the boys' tire swing was hung in the old tree. A lot has changed around here in these last six years. A lot of sweet and challenging memories; memories we will cherish forever.