Tuesday, April 5, 2016

:: Take Me Back Tuesday | circa 2010 ::

"Take Me Back Tuesday". Yes, I totally just made that up; but I came across these photos a few weeks back and wanted to take the opportunity to reminisce about our lives back then.  It was July of 2010. Wow! How fast has those six years flown! Chase was going on 6 years old and was sporting his summer staple haircut : the mohawk. The grass was green and needed mowed. Ella was a tiny 4 month old & Coe nearly 8 years. The flowers were in bloom and the pasture grass growing tall. The mulberry tree that once grew in our backyard was full of purple skin staining berries; and the boys' tire swing was hung in the old tree. A lot has changed around here in these last six years. A lot of sweet and challenging memories; memories we will cherish forever.

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