Sunday, November 29, 2015

:: The Return of Elfie & He brought Donuts! ::

And so it begins. The Elf is back & for a whole month I get to get back out of bed because I'll forget to "make sure he moves". It's a pain in the butt most days but when Ella wakes up so excited to see what he's been up to throughout the night; it's totally worth it.
This morning he came back and brought the kids breakfast.
Elfie brought a letter this year so Coe read that & Chase read the book. It's important we read the book so Ella remember this is all about being on her best behavior. LOL! Okay not really. That's not how we use Elfie but somedays he does come in handy.
The kids got the big tree up in our basement yesterday while I was working. This one is where Santa leaves the gifts so it had to be just perfect. It's full of vintage ornaments and homemade goodness. 
The star was my Grandma's and it's my favorite.

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