Tuesday, December 1, 2015

:: Countdown to Christmas 2015 | The Activities have Begun ::

Today was the first day of our Countdown to Christmas Activities.
It was a quick and easy one but one the boys thought was pretty cool.
Many, if not all of our activities are found from my Pinterest board : HERE or from the amazing Simple as That blog. She shares fantastic printables and ideas on a daily basis!
We started with the melted crayon glass ornaments. The kids chose the colors and then the boys and I did the melting with my heat gun. The glass gets way to hot for little ones to handle.

It worked fairly well; although I do think the cheaper crayons (not crayola) melted better.
Miss Ella was in charge of hanging them on the tree once we were all finished up.

Elfie has been making his way around the house. Monday morning he was found hanging candy canes on the garland and this morning he was disguised amongst a few of the deer mounts.
Where will he be next?

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