Thursday, December 3, 2015

:: Countdown to Christmas | Day 2 ::

Yesterday morning poor Elfie was found enjoying an ice-cream cone in the cold cold freezer. Ella was concerned about him but I assured her it was probably just as cold in the North Pole so he would be alright. 
Our activity doubled as an after school snack before we headed off to Ella's first Grade School Christmas Program.
She was pretty excited about both of her programs and about the fact that she had TWO pretty dresses to wear in one day.
She asked to have her hair curled before school so I did the best I could with my curling iron from the  90s and the fact that I do not own hairspray. I'm an epic fail as a girly girl.
So for the evening program we straightened it. That I can handle. LOL!
All of the kids looked so cute up on the "risers". Ella thinks that's such a cool word. Ha!
One of their songs was "He's got the whole world in his hands." One of my favorite kid songs. 
Merry Countdown to Christmas everyone!

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