Tuesday, December 8, 2015

:: Countdown to Christmas | Day 7 ::

The kids woke up yesterday morning to find Elfie dressed up as an "angel" but if you ask Ella he was dressed as a fairy. LOL! They found a note and (3) $10 gift cards to Walmart on the table when they got home from school.
The note:
Coe, Chase, & Ella -
Christmas is only 18 days away and we have been doing some fun projects & activities. We've been working on our wish lists full of our wants and not necessarily always our needs. For some families Christmas is a struggle; whether the Mom & Dad haven't worked much that year or maybe there was a tough illness they've had to deal with. Those wish lists don't always get answered. So, tonight we are going to Walmart to buy for a few people in need. Coe & Chase, you each have $10 to spend. You are in charge of finding two outfits for a 10 year old boy who wears a size 11/12 chothes. Ella you are going to pick an angel off the angel tree and can pick out a gift for that child. 
Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the Holidays, so tonight we are going to make a few kids' Christmas that much more special!
Have a little snack & let's get going!
Love ~ Mom & Dad
The kids all got to go over their amount just a bit but it was a great way for them to learn how to budget and more importantly how to GIVE.

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