Monday, January 4, 2016

:: 2016 One Little Word ::

Every year since 2010 I've taken part in Ali Edwards : One Little Word challenge. I love the idea of choosing a word rather than a New Years resolution that ends up getting forgotten two weeks in.
As Ali says : The One Little Word challenge is about finding your WORD : a word to focus on, to live with, to investigate, to write about, to craft with, and to refect upon as you go about your daily life. 

The first year I took part in the challenge my word was BALANCE. This was the year we welcomed our third baby, so we definitely had to learn how to balance life a bit more.

In 2011 I chose PERSPECTIVE. I wanted to view life from all angles.
In 2012 I chose FOCUS. This was not only for my everyday life but for my business. I chose to focus on what makes me happy and worked on really expanding my photography.
In 2013 my word was SIMPLIFY. Many times in life I let the complicated busy days get the best of me. I needed this word!
In 2014 : LESS. Yes less! I think this one almost comes hand in hand with SIMPLIFY. It was a great way to continue to strive for a better me and a better "us".
In 2015 I never declared a specific WORD; but while looking through some of my #growinandcrowin images awhile back, I realized that I had chosen HOME without even realizing it. I have found so much peace with working from home. It was one of the biggest decisions I had ever made and it took me a few years to get ahold of the fact that is was OKAY to be a stay at home/ work from home Mom. I feel like I now take more pride in our HOME and the acreage we live on. I am more a part of it all now than I have ever been. Thank goodness!

This year I have thought and thought about what my WORD will be. It didn't come to me until every time I was typing the word "LOVE" on my phone that it would autocorrect to "LIVE". YES! That's it; my word is LIVE! 
I want to LIVE life like there's no tomorrow.
I want to LIVE for me, for Aaron & for the kids.
I want to LIVE in the everyday.
I want to LIVE & learn.
I want to LIVE happy.

If you're new to the One Little Word concept, I invite you to read about it HERE on Ali's blog. 
Happy 2016 Friends!

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