Friday, January 1, 2016

:: Thank you 2015 | Hello 2016 ::

Twenty - fifteen was a wonderful & blessed year. It really was. It was simple but busy, included new adventures, and lots of time with family and friends; it was perfect.
The kids had a wonderfully magical Christmas & although I love the excitement of the Holidays, I love when it's over and things slow down just a bit.
December ended under ice and a bit of snow. Even though it caused power outages and unfavorable conditions, it was beautiful once we were able to finally get outside.
 Say a little prayer for my bees to make it through winter. I'm the most nervous about this stage of beekeeping! Cluster up girls!
I thought the other day, January means time to order seeds for the garden! Yes! Spring is just around the corner. Right?
 The donkeys are still loving all the room they have to run in. Jack is such a character, can you tell?
Pistol Annie spent some time at a friends farm "getting married" so she could be bred. Here's hoping for cute little baby goats come Spring!
I swear she is smiling in the picture. Can you see it? ;)

Speaking of cute little baby goats. Meet Clyde; he is our new little bottle baby. He was born in a set of triplets and since goats only have two udders, he needed someone to bottle feed him. So once again I convinced my loving, softy of a husband to bring him home.
And a New Years Day wouldn't be complete without adding something new to farm right?
We welcomed three turkeys to the farm today. This might get interesting ...
Cheers to a plenitful and productive 2016!
Happy New Year friends!

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