Wednesday, March 30, 2016

:: A Birthday celebration & An actual birth day ::

Ella turned SIX yesterday. How on earth has it been six years since we welcomed our little "princess" into this world?
She started her day with donuts and a small gift to open up before school and ended it with a few fun surprises in the kitchen, supper with her Nana & Papa, and two new baby goats that were born while she was at school!
She requested strawberry cupcakes & tacos for supper so that's what she got.
We've been keeping a close eye on Pistal for the few days knowing it would be anytime before she gave birth. Just prior to the kids leaving for school, Chase and I put her into the barn (just incase). Well, it was a good thing we did! The next time I went out to check on her around 10am these two little cuties where standing in the door way!
Yes! A boy and a girl!

So far they are both healthy and Pistal is being a great mama!

What a fantastic start to Spring!

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