Tuesday, March 15, 2016

:: That Never Ending Nagging 2do List ::

We all have them : continual to-do lists and it seems like Spring brings them on in full force. Now don't get me wrong, I am super excited that the grass is beginning to turn green and the days are longer and warmer.
Because in reality it is still only the middle of March! We could still get a snowfall. Shhhh... I won't say the "s" word again!
But today, TODAY began with a beautiful sunrise followed by a nice Spring rain.
Which of course resulted in more mud, thus delaying the start of many of our projects.
Breath Megan, Breath.
Over the course of the next few weeks we have pigs coming (a first for our farm), Pistal Annie will be giving birth for the first time, a new steer is set to be joining our "herd", garden seeds need started, potatoes need to be put in the ground, & 100 baby meat chicks will be delivered via USPS. All of these things mean we need fencing built and shelter for all of them. Aaron is tired of my nagging 2do lists; but I'm freakin out man!
Somebody's got to be the bossy "jack ass" at the top of the pile. BTW~ I'm totally not bossy. (Zip it Aaron). LOL!
Yesterday we attempted to burn our CRP grasses. This needed to be done SO badly. We haven't been able to do it the last two years and it needs a fresh start!
Thanks to the lack of wind and very moist ground it didn't burn all that great. However, we got most of the borders done so that will help when we attempt it the 2nd time; weather depending.
This was my first time helping because in the past I've either been working or in the house with Ella.
This time we all helped out. The whole thing is old hat for the boys. They understand where to burn first to help prevent the fire from spreading beyond where we want it to, as well as how to help it along.
I love that this is just one more way the boys can help with conservation and improving the land for wildlife. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of "prescribed" burns click HERE.
One thing off our 2do list; well partially.

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