Monday, May 9, 2016

:: Role Call Goat Style | Mama got some new Goats! ::

Our goat herd expanded over the weekend! I'm so excited. Goats are just the cutest little grass trimmers ever. First up, meet Trixie : she is a Boar mix (not sure what else, I'm still trying to do some research to figure that out).

She had twins in March just ahead of when Johnny & June were born.
We came up with the names : Millie & Merle for these little cuties.

We also have their daddy; Chet. We bought the herd together as a whole, so while we don't need another male here on the farm, we will be selling him soon. He's gentle and has such cool coloring!

Our main man around her will be Clyde aka #clydetheking. He's our pure boar that we bottle fed over the winter. He will be let out with the ladies late Fall.

Johnny & June are doing great and Pistal is such a great mama!

As you can tell, Pistal has learned to ignore my camera. Trixie on the other hand is totally intrigued.

The grass is green & life is good!
Happy Monday everyone!

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