Wednesday, March 29, 2017

:: This muddy, muddy time of year | Farm Therapy ::

I'm pretty sure the pigs are the only ones around here that truly enjoy early Spring and all the rain that comes with it. 

On the bright side, it's Spring and that means new beginnings, new growth, and babies!
... The rhubarb is just beginning to pop up.

The apple trees ...

and peach trees are starting to bloom.

The strawberry beds still need cleaned out, but fresh new plants are making their way to the top.

Soon, the peonies & ditch lilies will be taking over.

Lilacs, I can't wait to smell them!

Lilies ...

and autumn sedum ... yes, please.
The coop is hopping & full of new chickens...
Meet Lacey. Isn't she beautiful?
 The escape...
 The bounty ..
 The newbies ...
 The king of the coop ... RJ ...
Coe's ducks are now living in the flight pen until we can get more netting for their area. Thanks to a hawk or some other sort of predator, this is now necessary. Sadly, he's had a few victims.
  However, they are going to love it in here! A home with a view ( and a nosey cow neighbor).
In the pasture, the tom turkey is strutting and following the hen around like some teenaged crazed boy.
 The cows are in the main pasture until we get a new strip of fencing built; then they will be moving onto greener pastures (see what I did there.) ;)
 We currently have 4 female goats. All of which we are hoping are bred. Two are for sure, based on the size of their bellies, but the other two are still maybes. Here's hoping we will start having little ones in a couple of weeks. Below is Pistal. This will be her second breeding year. I'm so hoping for another set of great twins out of her. She's such a good mama.
 Clarabelle (our oldest heifer) is such a nosey rosey ...
 These are two of our newest little calves. Stella & Chester...
 We've moved the old pull together sheds up and are starting our planning process on how they will best fit our needs. They will be recovered with new tin (sad face), which I'm reluctant about because I just love the old look. I do however understand keeping out the weather is important.
One side will be set up as a brooder house for chicks & pheasants when needed, and the other half will be stalls for the goats during kidding season. We are also hoping to some how situate the milking stand in there so I'll have an easy place to milk the goats. Lots of work, planning, & dreaming. Isn't that the definition of a "hobby farmer" anyways?
The view from our back deck is my favorite any time of year, but right now it sure shows all the work that needs to be done once the weather starts to dry up and warm up. 
The garden, Good Friday & potato planting is just around the corner. 
 The reminence of last years sunflowers need to be removed ...
The garden fence still needs a coat of white paint ...
The pool looks more like a pond right now, but I can't wait for warm summer days!
 The chicken coop needs cleaned out and rebedded down.
 Sadly, there's nothing in my greenhouse this year. Not being home for much of the winter meant not starting our tomatoes and peppers from seed. But, we have agreed to downsize the main garden to make life a bit simpler and easier this year. The garden boxes need to be cleaned up and ready for planting.
 The one and only flower bed I have had a chance to get cleaned up and the darn dog keeps digging holes in it.
Darn, guilty dog & his accomplice...
Although these photos show how much work is ahead of us, it also shows what I call my "farm-therapy". There's nothing better than taking a walk around the yard and getting down close to what's continually changing and making life shine; even on the rainy days.

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