Sunday, March 22, 2015

:: Children, Chickens, & a Sandbox ::

Last night, we had two of the cutest little brothers over to play with Ella.
Under the watchful eyes of our blue heeler, Haus and our little flock of chickens; They all three were fully engrossed in digging, burying, and jumping in the box. It was so great to just sit back & watch them be kids.

They helped when it was chore time & minus a little run in with our oldest rooster; fun was had by all.

 And then, it was back to the sandbox for more digging! This sandbox has been such a great area for our three kids and lots of their friends. Our boys used to spend hours out there when they were these boys' age. Aaron made it using a couple of old telephone poles. It's been the best entertainment we've had on the farm.

:: A little side note on Ella's hot mess of a hair do : The truth be told it always looks like this. We can brush it 10x a day and in the end it looks just like this. She rarely let's me put a clip in it let alone a ponytail anymore, so we are gonna roll with it and call it the "beach tossed" look. ::
Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

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