Saturday, March 21, 2015

:: A New Year : A Fresh Start | Hello 2015 ::

The truth is, I've missed photographing and blogging about our little "farm". And by farm, I use that term loosely. (I'll touch on that a bit more later in the week.)
I'm blessed enough to say last year just got busy. Busy with my family and busy with my photography business! I set out to keep this blog for myself & for my family.
It wasn't until someone made the comment to me that I wasn't spending my time wisely (in their eyes). I'm 100% sure the comment she made she doesn't even remember, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I thought "okay, maybe I shouldn't be taking the time to record these moments and sharing them here." Maybe I should delegate my time better; & then (if you know me and my stubbornness) you know I got defensive but kept that deep inside. For once I kept my mouth shut. :) We rely on the ones closest to us to be honest right? I have continued to photography and record our memories in my scrapbooks, and through a few Facebook posts, but haven't taken the time to really write like I had done here.
I'll also be the first to admit : I am NOT a writer. I'm random; my punctuation is rarely correct & I thank the Lord for spell check. <<--- These are not my strongest points! So here is my formal apology for my incomplete and run on sentences & for not delegating my time better. ;)

Phew! It feels good to get all of that off my chest.
Let's start Fresh shall we?

It's nearly the end of March & officially Spring! Which in the midwest basically means; we still have a good chance of frost and flurries until April 21st. Somedays, the furnace runs in the morning and the windows are open in the afternoon! But it's Spring and the tint of green is starting to show in the grass and tiny little flowers are popping through the dirt.
Ella and I spent the day cleaning out last years garden this past weekend. Finally!

We've welcomed an adorable bucket calf to our farm. Her name is Clarabelle ...
This means 6am feedings and the boys have been amazing help! She is currently boarding with our goat (Pistal) and they are getting along great!
The chickens are loving the warmer weather and are all over the yard! We have two incubators full of our eggs currently going in the kitchen & my first two packages of bees are set to arrive in April!
I'll post more on that soon as well! It's exciting times around here I tell ya!

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  1. I love your photographs, stories, and blog. I think they show that you DO make good use of your time...enjoying life, teaching valuable down to earth life lessons , and making amazing memories with your family. Keep it up! You inspire me!