Tuesday, March 31, 2015

:: The birth of Cindy : A Baby Chick ::

For 21 days now we've kept watched over our incubator full of the eggs we collected from our coop & it's been exciting to do some research on their development. Our boys were lucky enough to hatch eggs when they were in 3rd grade so they were able to answer a few of our questions. I'm so thankful for their teachers taking the time to do this for the kids!

Yesterday morning we woke up to an egg with the littlest peck hole. The boys begged to stay home to see it hatch (um, no). LOL! Finally, around 2:30 in the afternoon, the first chick arrived. Ella & I watched with amazement.
Lucky enough for all of us, the 2nd chick didn't arrive until around 7pm and we were all able to see!
The 1st chick (which Ella named, Tippy Toes, giving it a little encouragement.
Finally, progress!
And here we go!
The boys and I ran out the door to their 4H meeting and when we came home it was up and walking around with "Tippy Toes".
Since then, seven more have hatched with hopefully more to go!
And although we don't know if she is a "she" just yet; we welcome Cindy to the farm...

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