Monday, April 6, 2015

:: It's after Good Friday | Are your potatoes planted? ::

We don't always go by the "plant your potatoes on Good Friday" rule. But it's typically around Easter when we are first able to dig into the dirt and get the garden started for the year.
 Around here, there are no cute Easter dresses or hats, just boots, dirt, and a lot of family time. It's where we think about how grateful we are for what He has given us.
 We are planting Yukon Gold potatoes again this year. We will have 3 rows of them which will hopefully provide us with plenty for the entire next winter and then some.

 A little side note : I've been going through some of my grandparents' old photos with my mom and can't wait to share them with you. This one is a photo of my grandpa and uncle working on tiling up the garden. It was taken in 1952. Family history makes me happy!
The view of the pasture just North of the farm house in 1963. This pasture would later be where the house I grew up in was built.
Something I also loved about going through the old photos was how many of them my Grandma was IN! I'm the first one to say, nah I'll just take the pics. I'd rather not be in them. So, today I handed my camera over to our youngest son Chase and he had a little fun behind the view finder.
 We also put in two rows of onions. A third one will be put in as soon as I can find some red onion bulbs.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to dig in the dirt a little!

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