Tuesday, April 7, 2015

:: Chicken Lady? Well Maybe ::

I often get teased that I'm going to be dubbed a "crazy chicken lady" because well, if you follow my photos you know we have a "few" running around your yard. Hence the name "Growin & Crowin".
(Illustration found HERE)
But I'm here to say, I come by it honest & here's proof. Hee!
This is once again a peek into my grandparents farm & look at how many chickens my grandma had! My grandma's chickens were all gone by the time I was born, but man am I thankful for the photos she took of them!
A little update on the baby chicks we've been hatching in our incubators : the 2nd batch starting hatching yesterday and we are up to 16 so far today! Our first hatchings went to a friends farm & we picked up our McMurray meat chickens from the post office on Saturday. So as of today, our total baby chicks under heat lamps right now comes to 53! Needless to say, there's a lot of peeping going on around here!
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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