Tuesday, April 21, 2015

:: Spring Blooms ::

Finally! The grass is green & the flowers are blooming! We even mowed the grass for the first time last week! Today I thought I'd share what's blooming around our yard right now.

I picked up a few annuals from Walmart the other day to put in a few pots. These are so cool! I pulled the tag from them so I can't remember what they are called, but I will for sure be getting more of these to plant elsewhere!
This geranium darn near caused another level of havoc at our house on Friday night. Little did I know they are toxic to dogs. Needless to say, the puppy must have gotten ahold of a bloom because he got sick that night. Ugh! I thought what else could go wrong around here! He is completely fine now & all is good! (And the plant has been moved up and out of his reach)
I love poppies! They remind me of my grandma. I used to pick the little fuzzy flower buds off and pulled them apart just to see the color inside. I'm sure she didn't love that I did that but she never said anything. 
The two apple trees we planted last year are starting to get tiny little blooms. Have I mentioned how excited I am about our little orchard. I'm sure I will over and over again. 
The grapes aren't necessarily blooming, but I was excited to see they made the winter!

My lilac bushes were here when we moved in and Aaron has threatened to take them down a few times. NOT gonna happen! I love them too much! 
And last but not least, I purchased a magnolia tree last week from our local nursery. This is just one of the trees on my "bucket list". My grandparents had one in their yard and we got my mom one last year for her's. In fact, we have always referred to it as a Tulip tree, but when I went to the nursery they informed me that it is infact called a Magnolia Tree. So there ya go. We learn something new everyday. 

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