Monday, April 13, 2015

:: A Weekend Full of Work ::

 Saturday was a beautiful day for yard work! Chase, Ella, and I planted 4 more apples trees for a total of 6 apple trees & one peach tree to make our little orchard. This means in approximately five years, the trees should be baring fruit and our kids will be 17, 15, & 10. Yikes! I'll just stick to thinking about how quickly the trees will grow & not the kids.
Chase dug the holes & Ella and I planted the trees and filled it back in. We topped them off with some mulch and they were ready for last nights rain!
Meanwhile, Aaron & Coe were busy working on our new turkey coop made from recycled material. Yay, it may not be fancy, but it will work!
I'll post more pics as we get the fencing done. The turkeys are set to arrive in May!
Time for lunch picnic style!
Our next project was to move Pistal's barn to a new location next to the turkey coop. There are plans to redo some of our fencing so it needed to be moved. I wasn't here when they originally moved the barn from the neighbors, and boy am I glad I wasn't. Just moving 50 yards in the same pasture made me nervous enough.
Chase was once again the photographer while I helped with the move. He got a little artsy with his fartsy. That'a boy! Hee!
The evening ended around a campfire with hotdogs.
It was a good day. A busy day, but a GOOD day!

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