Wednesday, April 15, 2015

:: Amos Moses : A Puppy Surprise ::

Some days Aaron and I pass in the driveway or even on the road as I'm heading to a photo shoot and he's coming home from his day of work. That's just what happened last night. I had talked to him and reminded him what time Chase needed to be taken to practice and which kids to pick up along the way, etc. etc. No where in that conversation did the fact that he had stopped on his way home to get the kids a puppy ever come up! It wasn't until I received a text with a photo of Ella & the pup saying, "oh by the way..."
We have been talking about getting another dog for awhile but Aaron got it in his head that he needed a bird dog and my vote was for another heeler. I win! Hee!
The gal we got him from had actually already named him Amos, so we couldn't help but go with Amos Moses of course!
He's adorable & the kids (especially Ella) are thrilled!
He came out with us this morning to do chores & if I can convince Ella that he does in fact know how to walk he will love to run here.
All is well this morning on the Farm. We are truly blessed.

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