Thursday, April 9, 2015

:: Coop Poop | Cleaning out the Chicken Coop & adding to our compost pile ::

Our chickens are free range which means they mostly distribute that precious fertilizer around the farm on their own. Of course their coop still takes the brunt of it during the winter months and in the evenings when they go up to roost. We do what is called "deep bed" over winter. It basically means be just keep adding more straw/bedding on top until Spring comes and then do a major clean out. This helps keep it nice and warm in their as well! However, their laying boxes get cleaned out & fresh wood shavings constantly.
Our boys are hard little workers and definatly earn their weekly allowances.
Tractor bucket load by tractor bucket load it's all hauled to our compost pile.
That too is nothing fancy, just a corner between the fences where we can pile it up until it decomposes enough to spread on the garden.
Once all of the "Coop Poop" is piled up we add a few bucket loads of water to get the process going. It's then covered with a tarp and all set to "stew".
Do any of you have a compost pile? If so, do you have any types or ideas you'd like to share?

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