Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Gnome Garden (a.k.a. fairy garden)

I love the craze of fairy gardens found around Pinterest, but just couldn't yet convince the boys how fun it would be to create one.
Until today ...

I found this guy at walmart for under $2.
Yes! A Gnome Garden. That's much more "manly" and something the boys could possilby be on board with. 
 Isn't he cute! We named him "Rusty".

We spent lunch surfing through Pinterest for ideas on what we would use to build him a house.
I was surprised at how excited the boys were.
I had this metal washtub already full of flowers in my flower garden so I thought it would be the pefect place for his little world.
Coe came up with the idea of using an old bird house he had built from a kit last year. It was perfect! He used a dremel tool to cut the door and he and Chase set out into our timber to find some moss. 
A little glue and it was complete!
We did a bit of "dozing" work to create an area for the house and a pathway.
Coe created a ladder for him to use and Chase was incharge of the yard area.
There are plans in the works for a hammock and a few clay mushrooms. 
I'm hoping this is something fun for them to keep adding to and keep the "we're bored" moments at bay this Summer.
Do any of you have "Fairy or Gnome" Gardens?

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  1. I LOVE GNOMES! We have lawn gnomes in our landscaping. They move around the flower beds...never know where they will pop up. They scare Mark sometimes! We found a cute metal mushroom at the Farmer's Market last year to make them feel more at home.