Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Green House :: The First Year

This past February was the second year we started growing a few plants from seed.

This year we stuck to tomato and pepper plants because we found that a few plants just simply started better being directly sowed in the garden. 
We grow our seeds under lights in our basement where it's fairly warm. I don't use heat pads under the trays and have had good luck without the extra cost. I suppose it depends on your basement temperature of course.

After a few months, my little seedlings were ready to be transplanted into larger pots.
It was at this point I decided a greenhouse sure would be handy! 
Especially with the cold Spring we had I needed, a place to put all my little plants.
So, Aaron and I sat down and drew up plans. He was going to build me one!
He went to pick up the lumber and supplies and came across a kit for the Snap & Grown Hobby Greenhouse. This seemed like a much better option and it was on sale!
So, he came home with two boxes FULL of parts and a thick booklet of instructions. 
To be honest I was skeptical. I just knew it was going to blow away in the first Spring storm. 
It took him 2 nights after work just to put all the pieces together.
(It's a good thing he has way more patience than me when it comes to stuff like this.)
He then built a base for it so it stood a bit taller and had a way to anchor to the concrete we were sitting it on. 
He then built shelving for me (which also sturdied it up 100%).
He and Ella even signed it. ( I knew my sentimental side was rubbing off on him. ) LOL!
For a potting table me took an old door that was salvaged from my grandparent's house before it was tore down. This is my favorite part. I feel like while my grandma might be having a fit over the amount of dirt and dust that now covers it (she kept a dust free house), in a way she is with me every time I work at it. 
Sadly, I didn't get any photos of the close to 60 tomato plants that grew in there (I know, epic fail!)
But, I'll be sharing a some garden photos soon where 20 of them are thriving so far. 
Thank you to neighbors and friends who were willing to take a few (okay alot) of the extra plants. 
Next year, I might be brave enough to sell them at the farmer's market. 

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