Thursday, June 26, 2014

In the Garden :: What's Growing

The potatoes have taken off, so much so that I can't get between the rows to hill them anymore. Hopefully they are growing just as well under the dirt.
The tomatoes I started from seed are doing well. I can't wait to be able to add a slice of tomato to every meal. LOL!
The peppers are beginning to hold their own enough to where I can start taking off the support tiles.
The peppers are starting to be over ran a bit by this mystery plant. It sprouted from last years seed and I'm 99% sure it's a pumpkin. We are currently working on trying to train it to grow towards the outside of the garden as to not overtake the entire pepper area.
I couldn't stand to pull it out and not let it grow. That would be just silly! 
My green beans are just not fairing so well thanks to some little critter who was feasting on half of them. Hopefully they rebound nicely.
I've got three cabbage plants thanks to a nice neighbor who shared her starts.
The cucumbers are starting to climb up the trellises Coe made for me.
I didn't get any planted last year, so I'm excited for these guys!
And the Kohlrabi is starting to get big enough to snack one. These are a great crunchy treat!

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