Friday, July 17, 2015

:: Growin amongst all the Weeds ::

We've been blessed with a lot of rain this year. And yes I know too much rain can be just as bad as not enough but I'm thankful for not having to drag a hose around the yard every other day. It has however created a horrible weedy mess out of my garden & I've completely slacked at keeping up with it. Ugh! What a mess.
I'm embarrassed to say that is my garden. Holy crap. That's awful. But, if you look deep you'll find beauty within any chaos right? 
We dug these babies last week and had them with a delicious deer roast.
The zucchini, well you know how that's growin like crazy & there are tiny little tomatoes growing nicely. 
I planted a row of sunflowers and zinnias around the edge of my garden this year since we took the fencing out. I'm hoping next year to have some sort of fencing back up so we can let the chickens free range year round. 
This time of year we watch the spray planes zip over our house spraying the fields.
I have total mixed feelings on this. It's amazing to watch what those guys can do with their planes and the hours they put in. I of course worry like heck about my bees so that's why I got on the DRIFT WATCH list. And to be honest so far they have been paying attention to it (whether they mean to or not). They have been spraying around us late in the evening or early morning when the bees are less active. I am thankful for that. However, two nights ago we are pretty sure it appeared they sprayed our CRP ground instead of a field just west of us. We of course weren't driving out to see and get right under the spray if that was the case. I guess time will tell.

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