Monday, July 6, 2015

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Last winter, Coe salvaged a motor off of an old power washer that was heading to the scrap pile. 
Thanks to a neighbor, they got it running with just a few pulls.
And so began the "Can we build a go-cart Dad!?!"
Well a few months later, lots of calling to friends & neighbors for bits, pieces, and parts here it is today. Still a work in progress, but it's starting to take shape.
Oh, what a project it's been so far! I have to say I am SO proud of Coe. He has been working hard to earn money so he can pay for the parts he needs.

He is so anxious to have it completed but like Aaron & our neighbor keep telling him : It's all about the build, the learning, and the spending time with your dad.
I love that Aaron is so willing to take the time to teach the kids skills.

Coe reminds me of his daddy more and more every day. Right down to the cute little curly mullet he's starting to grow.

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