Sunday, July 5, 2015

:: It was a Yard Campin, Fire Crackin, Patriotic kind of Weekend ::

We spent this beautiful Independence Day Weekend at home; camping, grilling, swimming, watching fireworks, and shooting off a few of our own. Friday night some friends joined us for supper and to watch fireworks. We are lucky enough to be able to see the show from little town close to us from the back of our property. So in style we rode out on the trailer once the sun began to set.
Sadly I didn't get my camera out Friday night and now I wished I would have. The kids had a ball shooting off some fire crackers and there was a pretty good little dance with some glow sticks that may or may not have involved me. Okay, so now I'm glad the camera was put away. But, in my defense someone had to show the little girls how it's done. LOL!
Saturday morning I read a book ya'all! It might not have been a deeply intellectual book but it was a funny quick read that I got to sit and read from cover to cover while drinking my morning coffee. That pretty much defines relaxing right there. 
The rest of Saturday was spent laying in the sun, swimming, eating watermelon, working on Coe's go-cart (more on that in another post), and then shooting off more fireworks, eating hamburgers & s'mores around the evening campfire, & one last night in the tent. 
Ella's favorite was the chicken that was supposed to look like it was laying an egg.
 And this was Chase's. It's completely inappropriate but the laughter from the kids was hilarious.
Thanks to the massive amount of mosquitos we've had lately we camped in the yard rather than at our  normal campground. Which worked out well and was less of a mess to clean up in the end. 
 It was a fantastic weekend. Now the clean up begins ...
Happy Independence Day & God Bless America.

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