Tuesday, June 30, 2015

:: The Cute & The Not so Cute | An Animal Update ::

Things are "growin" like crazy around here. So I thought I'd share a little update on all of our critters.
Willie & Waylon; our jersey bull calves are doing great and love exploring the pasture.
I just love them!
Clarabelle is thriving and getting SO big! It's funny to see how much the size difference between her & Pistal have changed.
Here's a picture of them together back in April after we almost lost her :
and here they are together now :
 I think Pistal finally realized Clarabelle isn't a goat! LOL!
On the feathered side of things :
The meat chickens that we didn't butcher the first go round are plumping up nicely; so to speak.
The turkeys are well; at their "not so cute" stage but they are just so cool!
Amos watches over the chicken coop & by that I mean if any of them get out they become fair game. This is going to be a problem once the chickens get turned loose again after the gardening season is over.
The rabbits are fat & happy.
And I added a super to one of my bee hives last week! I painted it blue because well I had the paint on hand and wanted to do something other than just white. The other hive is still way behind because of adding the new queen. I'm hoping to have my mentor come over soon so he can evaluate how things are really going.
I hope all is wonderful in your neck of the woods!

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