Monday, June 29, 2015

:: Meet Rufus & Della | A Bluebird Story ::

Thanks to a family friend; Coe became interested in bluebirds a few years back. He gave him a few bluebird houses and since then Coe has been watching the birds call it home each Spring.
This year he painted it blue to match the birds I guess. Oh, and added a shingle! LOL!
Another friend told us about training them with meal worms. So Coe has been on a mission to do just that.
Last week or so Coe said to me "Mom, come see Rufus. He is out by the garden."
I laughed and went to see him. I said to Coe, "Where did you get the name Rufus from?"
He said "I don't know I just thought it was a good name for him."
I then proceeded to tell him that Rufus was my grandpa Castor's name. He just went by Paul (his actual middle name) his whole life.
From there Coe decided that "Rufus' wife" (as Coe would call the female bluebird) should be named "Della". (My grandmother's name.)
So, with that; we now have Rufus & Della the bluebirds flying around our back pasture. I've always known my grandparents were watching over us, but I think this is about the coolest sign they could have sent.

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