Monday, June 15, 2015

:: Rain, Rain Go Away ::

I know, I know, Rain makes corn, corn makes ...
But, it also makes a hellacious mess out of my garden!
The weeds are taking over something fierce and I still have stuff I need to get planted!
On the upside of tonight's storm & downpour we had a beautiful sky to take in! Amos and I went for a walk around the yard after supper to capture it.
It is however helping our fruits and veggies grow like crazy as well! 
The kids were excited to tiny grapes on the vines we planted a year ago this last May.
 The radishes are double their normal size!
 We've got 3 tiny apples on our 2nd year apple trees.
 And a bit of beauty in the flower gardens.
Oh and then there was this strangeness to our evening. During the storm a random duck showed up in the front yard and while the kids tried to catch it a baby fawn ran up as well! I was convinced there was some Noah's Ark action about to happen on our farm!
(The duck has been returned to the neighbors pond and is happily swimming around again.)
Up next I'll be sharing our process of butchering our meat chickens.
These guys got a nice little bath in tonight's rain. Stay dry everyone!

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