Friday, June 5, 2015

:: The Return of the Fairy Garden & Gnome Home ::

Last year, we had fun creating a Fairy Garden for Ella and a Gnome Home for the boys.
This week, we finally had a chance to pick up some flowers and get them together again.
  Ella's has a few miniature garden tools that she loves to play with and talk to her fairies. She believes they shrink down and fly into the little bird house to sleep at night. Hee! So cute!
Unfortunately, one of her fairies lost a wing over the winter. Poor thing just flies in circles now. ;)
 We stopped at our local Hy-Vee and found the annuals were on sale for $1 so I guess there was an upside to being behind with getting this together.
 The boys have what we call a "Gnome Home". Their little friend's name is Rusty and last year he lived with a frog, had a great stick ladder the boys built and liked to hide amongst the flowers once they grew bigger.
You can see last years Fairy Garden & Gnome Home : HERE & HERE.

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