Wednesday, June 17, 2015

:: Picking Cherries, Cherry Jam, Freezing Cherries, & Cherry Cobbler ::

When someone calls and says "Come help yourself to the cherry tree because we have an over abundance". You do it!
I was so grateful my inlaws & their neighbor let us do just that today!
The kids were great help; well all except the moment when poor grandpa got hit in the head by a flying cherry that was intented for me by one of the boys. To this moment they are blaming each other and neither one will confess. Boys!
We brought home a huge amount of cherries & the boys (well mainly Chase) removed the pits for nearly two hours!
Sometimes, they can be such turds, but most of the time they are so much help! They knew I had to get some work done in my office so they jumped right in and did the dirty work.
Once the pitting was complete I started on freezing some, making two batches of cherry jam, & the best part; cherry cobbler for dessert tonight!
The recipes I used can be found here : Cherry Jam & Cherry Cobbler

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