Friday, June 5, 2015

:: Free Fun Friday | A Bug Hunt ::

One of our many goals this summer is to of course have fun; but to have fun for FREE or for as cheap as possible!
We are trying to take one day a week and do some sort of activity. This weeks activity was basketball camp for the boys, but we also finally had a chance to spend a few hours going on a BUG HUNT!
I had picked up some books at the library a few weeks ago just for this activity.
 We started with a picnic lunch down at our campground.
They're such dorks. LOL!
 Each one got a jar to collect whatever kind of bugs they could get. Well, minus my honey bees! Those were off limits to capturing. This did however provide ample time for us to sit in the clover and watch them buzz around.
 I had figured we'd walk through our timber and go down by the creek, but the kids were just as happy to explore in the clover patch.
Amos LOVES to chase butterflies, fireflies & I'm sure the occasional honey bee.
 I also showed the kids how you can take the purple clover, pull the "petals" off and the ends taste sweet. Chase thought that was cool. Coe stuck the whole flower in his mouth. Ummm, not the same effect there buddy! LOL!
 When we were done we laid in the shade and read through the books. Chase was able to identify the butterfly he found and read about it to us.
 Ella was in need of a nap. Oye!
 We laughed hysterically at the perspective of Coe in this picture...
 So Ella had to try it too.
It was a Bug Hunting Success!

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