Monday, June 22, 2015

:: Father's Day | Catch & Release ::

Yesterday was Father's Day. We started our day with biscuits and gravy; which Aaron made of course, cause he makes the best!
The kids begged to go fishing. We hadn't been yet this year which is unusual for us. So, we loaded up and went to one of our favorite farm ponds.
Aaron hasn't been feeling very good lately. He stayed home from work one day last week and still hasn't shook it. It wasn't until going through the pics I could see it in his face.
But, being the person he; is he took the kids fishing anyways. It's just a small testament of who he is. He does so much for us and we love him with all our hearts!
Everyone was successful in catching a fish. Well, all except me. I was really good at reeling in moss.
The boys tried a bit of frogging as well. They've been counting down the days until frog season opened.
So close Chase! So close!
It was a good day to be together. 
The kids ended the day by cooling off in the pool and digging in the sand.
Another day reminding us of how blessed our little family is.

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