Thursday, July 30, 2015

:: What's better than a Bee Swarm for an Early Birthday Gift !?! ::

What's better than a Bee Swarm for an Early Birthday Gift !?! 
Cause it's still my birthday "week" remember! ;)
Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, a friend and I were tagged on a gals post requesting a swarm removal. After our last two attempts not going in our favor I was convinced that third times a charm! My friend had to work so I had to go it alone. Oh shit! I'm not gonna lie. I was so nervous to do this on my own. I asked my oldest son Coe to come along to document it for me and to be my moral support.
The homeowners were so amazing. They let me drive my truck right under the tree where the bees had taken up residency.
Just to clarify. I'm not a huge fan of heights and while this swarm was relatively low I still had to stand on a ladder in the back of my truck with thousands of bees above my head, hold on to a wooden box, and try to scoop piles of those bees into said box. Needless to say, my hands were shaken & I was sweating like a you know what in church.  
I nervously babbled and talked the entire time to keep myself calm and I'm sure the homeowner thought I was a nut. Hee! 
 I sprayed the bees down with some sugar water and started to scoop them into the box a bit at a time.
Just breath & keep going ... You got this...
 Yep, all those black specs are bees. Lots and lots of them.
 The homeowners were kind enough to let me take off a few branches (and helped me) to get them all. I told you they were awesome people!
After literally scooping and brushes bees out of the back of my truck and into the box, I think we had our queen and most of the swarm. Success! So far so good.
I placed the caught swarm ontop of my weak hive with some newspaper separating the boxes until tomorrow morning when my mentor is coming over to help sort things out.
Welcome to Home Sweet Home Honeys Bees. Please stick around!
Part 2 Coming Soon! 
Thank you G Family for being so kind and helping save the bees!

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