Wednesday, July 22, 2015

:: Stop Focusing on How Stressed You Are ::

This beautiful double rainbow happened Monday night. It was amazing and lasted so long!
I knew it needed a beautiful quote to go with it, so I went to my go to : pinterest. This quote was the very first quote that popped up. Talk about stopping me in my tracks. This is so so true. Some days I look at my to do list & the things that didn't get done and the stress level goes through the roof. Some days I stress over the little things (Okay, that's most days). Somedays I forget to just breath and let kids be kids and remember someday they won't bicker at each other 24-7 (they won't forever right?). Somedays I forget how quickly they are growing. Somedays I need a swift kick in the butt reminder like this quote to make me slow down and just be blessed. 

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